The Possibilities of Laser Cutting

Just a few Images of the possibilities of what laser cutting can do.





Where to outsource your 3D printig and Laser Cutting to is a company that will print your 3D CAD models into a variety of materials and mail it back to you. they are pretty affordable and can be used by students or professionals. many companies that outsource their designs use shapeways.


LaserExcel is a company that does outsourced Laser cutting for you if you send them a vector drawing for cutting, or Pixel drawing for etching.

Laser Excel Logo

Ronen Kadushin: Open source lasercut flat-pack furniture

Ronen Kadushin creates primarily laser cut furniture, many of his designs are available to download under creative commons license from his website.

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Richard Sweeney’s work has always fascinated me. The complex forms made in paper are unique and the designs are quite beautiful. I always wonder how the shapes might look if they were illuminated. Take a look at his site and also an excerpt of text about his process below.

Richard Sweeney's Paper Models

Text from Richard Sweeney’s Website

Paper Sculptures
Explorations in paper folding and constructed form.

Any form imaginable can be rendered through drawing, but when modelling in paper, an object has to be physically shaped. When faced with a flat sheet of material, there is no obvious indication of how it can be manipulated into a three dimensional object. The limitations of paper as a form making material offer a challenge, which through playful investigation results in tangible models.

Physical models provide a better indication of proportion and construction than drawings alone, bringing material to the forefront of the form making process. Hands on manipulation provides perhaps the best insight into the properties of a material, allowing its behaviors to be discovered and exploited for the generation of form.

The image collage above demonstrates the development of form through the making of paper models. Combining repetitive geometry, curved lines, and modularity, it was found that paper could be folded into a vast number of shapes and structures by slightly varying the folding template. Initially the layouts were drawn by hand, but by translating these to Autocad, the working process became much more streamlined- the physical models informing changes to the layout drawing and vice versa.

The process was purely experimental, and no pre-determined outcome was specified. It soon became apparent that paper was valid as a sculptural medium in its own right, which could be used to create pieces with aesthetic rather than utilitarian value. On the other hand, many of the forms generated lend themselves to further development in a functional context, in more durable sheet materials such as metal and plastic. By embracing a spirit of experimentation, elements of art, craft and design become merged, and so the need to seek a divide between these activities is diminished.

The Basics of 3D Printing.

Just an overview for anyone wanting to learn about it and get an overview on the subject.


Contemporary art/ Laser cut sculptures

This site shows some sculptures and artist that do laser cutting. The sculptures and the different material they use are pretty nice.

Laser cutting and engraving wood

Here is a video of how this Tortec laser cutting system engraves the wood and how it could be done with wood that thick. You can see most of the materials they can laser cut in the site.


Zia, Jeremy, and Claudia's photograph laser cut in 20 minutes!!

One of the topics we have been discussing extensively in this course is laser cutting. Last week we visited a laser cutting lab in Cambridge called Danger! Awesome that was started by a few recent MIT graduates. We were shown the laser cutting process and talked about approaches to cutting materials successfully. We met with Nadeem Mazen and he demonstrated how the machines worked and trained the students so they could use them in future projects. It’s a great local resource for laser cutting in the Boston area and a fun place to stop by and visit! Some photos of our trip below (more photos on my flickr page!).

My personal favorite, the laser cut pumpkin.

Nadeem Mazen showing us the laser cutter.

Samples that were cut at Danger!Awesome.